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Governing capitalist economies - New York : Oxford University press, 1994 - 316 p.

Capitalism, sectors, institutions, and performance - J. Roger Hollingsworth, Philippe C. Schmitter, and Wolfgang Streeck Neither markets norhierarchies: a comparative study of the printed circuit board industry in Britain and Japan - Mari Sako Governance systems in steel: the american and japaneses experience - Patricia O'Brien Modes of governance in the shipbuilding sector in Germany, Sweden, and Japan - Bo Strath Industry as a form of order: a comparison of the historical development of the machine tool industries in the United States and Germany - Gary Herrigel The chemical industry: a study in internationalization - Wyn Grant and William Paterson Sectoral governance in the automobile industries of Germany, great Britain and France - Ben Dankbaar Industry or infrastructure? A cross-national comparisson of governance: its determinants and economic consequences in the dairy sector - Franz Traxler and Brigitte Unger Sectoral governance in consumer electronics in Britain and France - Alan Cawson Keeping the shotgun behind the door: governing the securities industry in Canada, the United Kingdon, and the United Satates - William D. Coleman Countries and sectors: concluding remarks on performance, convergence, and competitiveness - J. Rogers Hollinsworth and Wolgang Streeck

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