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Women making constitutions : new politics and comparative perspectives - New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2003 - 277 p.

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1.Constitutional rights discourse:Canadian and South African feminist engagements 2.Balancing strategies:aboriginal women and constitutional rigts in Canada 3.Gender and accountability 4.Women in elected office in the UK, 1992-2002:struggles,achievements and possible sea change 5.Towards a new politics?women and the constitutional change in Scotland 6.Towards substantive representation:women and politcs in South Africa 7.Redesigning the polity:Europe,women and constitutional politcs in the UK 8.The politics of human rights and gender equality in Northern Ireland 9.Women's rights after the human rights act 1998 10."Heightened Scrutiny":a judicial route to constitutional equality for US women 11.Increased rights and representation:women and the post-devolution equality agenda in wales 12.Mainstreaming equality in Northern Ireland 13.Reviewing the UK equality agenda in the context of constitutional change 14.Group-differentiated cultural rights,constitutionalism and feminism 15.Women,constitutionalism and contestation:some tentative conclusions


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