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Welfare and values : challenging the culture of unconcern - New York : St. Martin's, 1997 - 225 p.

Setting out markers by Peter Askonas and Stephen F. Frowen Economic realities Crisis in welfare? - Andrew Dilnot A mixed economy of care: the incisive role of the voluntary sector - Jeremy Kendall and Martin Knapp Transfer through taxation: social policy in Germany - past, present and outlook for the future - Dieter Biehl Economic restraints - Ian Steedman Self and community - doing theology A platform - moral and spiritual values - Rupert Hoare Jewish tradition and ethos of generosity - Meir Tamari The idea of the public good: religious conviction and the interdependence of the individual and society - James O'Connel Theology and sharing the economic cake - Peter Vardy Looking behind the scenes: self-interest, civic generosity, altruism - Peter Askonas and Cho Ngye Kwan Generosity Enthusiasm - Maggie Baxter, Jane Tewson, Michael Walsh After darkness: flourishing of generosity in an evolving environment - Martin Saly What can be done - by economists and politicians Economic expansion - Gavin Davies Need for economic expansion - Stephen F. Frowen On de-escalating wants - Ian Steedman The welfare debate: managing self-interest, self-improvement, altruism - Frank Field Paying for social security - an ever-rising spiral? - William Goodhart Contribution by two faith groups towards education spending - Jeremy Kendall Cultivating civic generosity Steps towards maturing - from compulsion to consent - Peter Askonas Civic virtue, poverty and social justice - Raymond plant

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