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Labor markets and social security : wage costs, social security financing and labor market reforms in Europe - Berlin : Springer, 1999 - 404 p.

A - Structural unemployment in Europe: a bird's-eye view - Karl-Heinz Paque B - Alternative subsidies for low-wage employment - Jurgen Jerger and Alexander Spermann C - Job security and employment: a comparative analysis - John T. Addison and Jean-Luc Grosso D - Sectoral employment elasticities in Germany - Klaus Lobbe E - New firms and creating employment - David B. Audretsch F - Job creation in the european information society - Wolfgang Seufert G - Maastricht-Implications of a centralized monetary and currency policy for employment in Europe - Ansgar Belke H - Toward full employment and growth in the European Union - Paul J.J. Welfens I - Employment and wage effects of social security financing: an empirical analysis of the west German experience and some policy simulations - Viktor Steiner J - Social security reforms in Europe - Bent Greve K - Long-term aspects of social security financing in Germany - Stefan Dudey

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