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Tendler, Judith

Good government in the tropics / por Judith Tendler. -- - Baltimore : The Johns Hopkins University, 1997. - 221 p. - The Johns Hopkins Studies in Development .

1 - Introduction The research The previews Clarifications Preventive health: the case of the unskilled meritocracy The central in the descentralized The unskilled meritocracy and its supervisors The self-enlarging job Conclusion 3 - The emergency employment program and its unlikely heroes The de-clientelization of drought relief Destined for poor performance The extension agent as "refrigerator" Status versus municipal government Lessons for normal times 4 - Frontline workers and agricultural productivity The story of Santana: driven by clients and customized Fighting the boll weevil and hurting small farmers The new standarlization: the training visit system Standarlization versus customization in agricultural extension Conclusion: implications for practice 5 - Small firms and large buyers: demand-driven public procurement SF -favoring procurement: the nonexistent debate Customers, suppliers, and their brokers: the case of school furniture When small firms deliver better: school maintenance, repair and reconstruction Publicity, opposition, and the unreplication success Conclusion 6 - Civil servants and civil society, governments central and local Work transformed Decentralization, participation, and other things local The three-way dynamic: local, central and civic Civil society and good government: what causes what? The comparative advantages of NGO's and goverment Leadership, inadvertency, and advice


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