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Incomes and the welfare state : essays on Britain and Europe - Cambridge : Cambridge University, 1995 - 368 p.

- Income inequality and poverty in Britain and Europe 1 - What is happening to the distribution of income in the UK? 2 - Income distribution in european countries (with Lee Rainwater and Tim Smeeding) 3 - Poverty, statistics and progress in Europe 4 - Comparing poverty rates internationally: recent studies in OECD countries 5 - Two nations in early retirement? the case of Britain (with Holly Sutherland) - Analysis of the welfare state 6 - Is the welfare State necessarily a barrier to economic growth? 7 - A national minimum? a history of ambiguity in the determination of benefit scales in Britain 8 - The development of state pensions in the United Kingdom 9 - Income maintenance for the unemployed in Britain and the response to high unemployment 10 - Institutional features of unemployment insurance and the working of the labour market 11 - Social insurance - Targeting and the future of social security policy 12 - On targeting and family benefits 13 - The western experience with social safety nets 14 - Towards a European social safety net? 15 - Beveridge, the national minimum and its future in a European context 16 - State pensions for today and tomorrow


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