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DELIVERING public services in western Europe : sharing western european experience of para-government organization - London : SAGE, 1988 - 268 p. - Sage modern politics ; 16 .

Part I: introduction The study of para-government organizations Part II: national style or service imperative? Institutional arrangements for five public services in six countries - C. Hood, with M. Allegra, H. Aquina, R. Premfors, A. Rosas and G. F. Schuppert Part III: national government-level services PGOs in Sweden - D. Tarschys PGOs in the United Kingdom - C. Hood PGOs in the Netherlands - H. Aquina PGOs in Italy - S. Cassese PGOs in Finland - A. Rosas and M. Suksi PGOs in the federal republic of Germany - G. F. Schuppert Part IV: city-level services PGOs in London - P . Cousins PGOs in Hamburg - R. Dieckmann PGOs in Milan - G. Berti and N. Marzona PGOs in Stockholm - P. Winai Part V: transnational services International PGOs? - B. O. Bryde PGOs in the european comunity - M. Hilf PGOs and nordic co-operation - A. Rosas PGOs in the OECD - H. Hahn Part VI: conclusion Evaluation and review


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Escola Nacional de Administração Pública

Escola Nacional de Administração Pública


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