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MENY, Yves

Adjusting to europe : the impact of the european union on national institutions and policies - London : Routledge, 1996 - 181 p.

1 - Introduction - Yves Meny, Pierre Muller and Jean-Louis Quermonne 2 - Some alternative futures for the European polity and their implications for european public policy - Philippe C. Schmitter 3 - EU policy-making: a garbage can or an anticipatory and consensual policy style? - Sonia Mazey and Jeremy Richardson 4 - Relations between the european union and the British administration - Helen Wallace 5 - German administrative interaction and european union: the fusion of public policies - Wolfgang Wessels and Dietrich Rometsch 6 - French central government and the european political system: change and adaptation since the single act - Christian Lequesne 7 - Which social policy for Europe? - Giandomenico Majone 8 - Europe between market and power: industrial policies, especialization, technology, competition and foreign trade - Elie Cohen 9 - The impact of Europe on national policies: italian anti-trust policy - Giuliano Amato

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