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Dilulio Jr., John J.

Improving government performance : an owner's manual - Washington : The Brookings Institution, 1993 - 89 p.

Thinking beyond the rhetoric of reform The national performance review An incremental, evolutionary, experimental process Some lessons - and some temptations The evolution of the federal bureaucracy A pattern of agency-by-agency growth Functional specilaization and boundary problems The contemporary critique of bureaucracy The risks of bureaucratic discretion Controlling discretion through executive and legislative means Controlling discretion through internal procedures WOrker quality and motivation Three special concerns The federal government's responsibilities Dividing the job Reforming the fderal procurement system Remaking the general services administration Revitalizing federalism Rebuilding government capacity Smarter, not bigger, government Strengthening financial management Upgrading technology Performance budgeting Serving customers and total quality management Streamlining the bureaucracy Improving middle management Reducing the number of midlevel political appointees Consolidating anachronistic field systems Reinstating the president's reorganization authority Coping at the boundaries The most important boundary of all Deregulating the civil service Modernizing the service in an era of proxy government Attracting and keeping the best Remaking the office of personnel management Cultivating a culture of performance Culture and institutional leadership Risk taking within the federal service Rebuilding public trust and confidence Conclusion: Two deficit problems - budget and performance


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