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Managing the cost of transfer programmes - Paris, FRA : OECD, 1997. - 176 p. : il. - Public Management. Occasional Papers ; n. 16 .

1 Supply dynamics and the growth in the costs of tranfer programmes - François Lacasse 2 What we have learned and unlearned on the welfare state programme: which next steps? - H. Glennrster 3 Responding to the crisis of the welfare state: what's new? - Patricia Vornetti 4 Freedom of movement, European Union and rights of access to transfers - Anne Drumaux 5 The German social insurance system - Thomas Weiss 6 Allowances for handicapped persons in Belgium - Jeanine Roland - Bayet 7 Spanish unemployment protection programmes - Cristina Hernandez Maillo 8 Unemployment, welfare, and disability: some lessons learned in the United States - Barbara Selfridge 9 Unemployment security in Finland - Pertti Tuhkanem 10 Social policies for handicapped adults in France - report of la cour des comptes with an annex produced - Louise Chatignoux 11 Control of fraud and abuse in the social welfare system - Anne Vaughan 12 The transfer of incomes in the Netherlands: schemes for sickness and invalidity - Benne Van Popta Social security in Sweden - How to reform the system. Summary of the report to the expert group on public finance - Jan Broms 14 Unemployment and social protection issues in Turkey - Osman Ozen


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