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Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English - 5.th - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 1995 - 1428 p.

Advisory Board Preface Key to dictionary entries Using your dictionary The Dictionary Language study pages A Linking words together Phrasal verbs Collocation Idioms Polite expressions Language study pages B Nouns and adjectives Verbs Maps and geographical information Geographical names The world Canada and United States of America The British Isles Central Europe Cultural information The Commonwealth United Kingdom constitution and government United States constitution and government The Legal system in England and Wales The legal system in the United States The vocabulary of English Appendices 1. Irregular verbs 2. Numbers 3. Punctuation and writing 4. Family relationships 5. Common first names 6. Ranks in the armed forces 7. Chemical elements 8. SI units 9. Notes on usage 10. Defining vocabulary Inside front cover Abbreviations, symbols and labels used in the dictionary Inside back cover Phonetic symbols and pronunciation in the dictionary


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