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Information management : the organizational dimension - New York : Oxford University, 1996 - 514 p.

Section I: organization horizons Exploring the relationship between information technology and organizational structure - Jeffrey L. Sampler Groupware in decision support - Paul Anand Knowledge strategies: propositions from two contrasting industries - Michael J. Earl Business process reengineering: a phenomenon of organization - Michael J. Earl Information systems in global business: evidence from european multinationals - Michael J. Earl and David F. Feeny Section II: mobilizing the organization Strategic information systems: some organization design considerations - Blake Ives and Michael Vitale Innovating with information technology - Martin Lockett An organizational approach to IS strategy-making - Michael J. Earl Relationships between strategy and process rengineering: evidence from case studies - Michael J. Earl, Jeffrey L. Sampler, and James E. Short Section III: organizing the IS function Configuring the IS function in complex organizations - Michael J. Earl, Brian Edwards, and David F. Feeny Organizational arrangements for IS: roles of users and specialists - David F. Feeny, Michael J. Earl, and Brian Edwards The role of the corporate IT function in the federal IT organization - Stephen L. Hodgkinson IT outsourcing and the changing shape of the information systems function - Leslie P. Willcoks and Guy Fitzgerald Mergers: the role of information technology - Jane C. Linder Section IV: managing IT projects Project management: lessons from IT and non-IT projects - Peter W. G. Morris IT and organizational change - David Boddy The project champion - Cynthia Mathis Beath The project sponsor - Brian Edwards The sucessful design of expert systems: are ends more imortant than means? - Enid Mumford Section V: contemporary issues in IS organization sourcing information technology capability: a framework for decision-making - Mary C. Lacity, Leslie P. Willcocks, and David F. Feeny The changing environment for IS professionals: human resorce implications - J. Daniel Couger The hybrid manager - David J. Skyrme The chief information officer: past, present, and future - Michael J. Earl Integrating IS and the organization: a framework of organizational fit - Michael J. Earl

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