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Handbook of organization management - New York : Marcel Dekker, 1983 - 548 p. - Public Administration and Public Policy ; 19 .

The public manager Issues and trends in public management - William B. Eddy Public manager careers: an individual and organizational challenge - James F. Wolf The education and training of public managers - Frank P. Sherwood Ethical issues for the public manager - James S. Bowman The public employee Who Is the Public Employee? - Gilbert R. Siegel Special subgroups: female, minority, the handicapped, and older workers - Ann-Marie Rizzo Managing public organizations Managing people and systems: the management skills - John H. Wakeley Structuring the public organization - Robert T. Golembiewski Effectiveness and productivity in public organizations - Ralph C. Bledsoe Management tools and techniques Organization development: a vehicle for improving the quality of work life - R. Wayne Boss Developing human resources for the public sector: the new challenge to public management - Lloyd G. Nigro Computer-based information management - Alexander K. Bocast Budgeting: strategic instrument or mindless ritual? - Gary L. Wamsley and Karen C. Hedblom Policy evaluation methods - Stuart S. Nagel Innovation and the public manager - Stephen Loveless and Barry Bozeman Managing at the boundaries: the environment of public management Managing the intergovernmental scene: the changing dramas of federalism intergovernmental relations, and intergovernmental management - Deil S. Wright Public management and the third sector: neighborhood organizations and citizens groups - Robert D. Herman and Nicholas C. Peroff Domestic multiculturalism: cross-cultural management in the public sector - Nancy J. Adler The environments of public managers: managing turbulence - Gary L. Wamsley and Mayer N. Zald

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