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KURZER, Paulette

Cultural diversity in post-Maastricht Europe - feb. 2002

This article asks whether regional integration affects socially sensitive policies, representive of the cultural idiosyncrasies of a country. It looks at Nordic (Finish and Swdish) alcohol control policy and Dutch drug policy to explore this question. Second, it will evaluate the explanatory power of two competing approaches to European integration - state-centric theories and multilevel governance models - in addressing the case of diminishing cultural diversity. I conclude by noting that the real agent of change is the movement of goods and people and that neither state-centric nor multi-level governance models fully explain the cases of alcohol and drug policy. Rather, these two examples from three countries suggest that state officials are able to strike special deals with relevant EU institutions, but that such agreements cannot control the costs of increased mobility related to the sucess of the Single Market

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