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999 _bPHL2MARC21 1.1
100 1 _92939
_a Dilulio Jr., John J.
245 1 0 _aImproving government performance :
_ban owner's manual
260 _aWashington :
_bThe Brookings Institution,
300 _a89 p.
505 8 0 _tThinking beyond the rhetoric of reform
_tThe national performance review
_tAn incremental, evolutionary, experimental process
_tSome lessons - and some temptations
_tThe evolution of the federal bureaucracy
_tA pattern of agency-by-agency growth
_tFunctional specilaization and boundary problems
_tThe contemporary critique of bureaucracy
_tThe risks of bureaucratic discretion
_tControlling discretion through executive and legislative means
_tControlling discretion through internal procedures
_tWOrker quality and motivation
_tThree special concerns
_tThe federal government's responsibilities
_tDividing the job
_tReforming the fderal procurement system
_tRemaking the general services administration
_tRevitalizing federalism
_tRebuilding government capacity
_tSmarter, not bigger, government
_tStrengthening financial management
_tUpgrading technology
_tPerformance budgeting
_tServing customers and total quality management
_tStreamlining the bureaucracy
_tImproving middle management
_tReducing the number of midlevel political appointees
_tConsolidating anachronistic field systems
_tReinstating the president's reorganization authority
_tCoping at the boundaries
_tThe most important boundary of all
_tDeregulating the civil service
_tModernizing the service in an era of proxy government
_tAttracting and keeping the best
_tRemaking the office of personnel management
_tCultivating a culture of performance
_tCulture and institutional leadership
_tRisk taking within the federal service
_tRebuilding public trust and confidence
_tConclusion: Two deficit problems - budget and performance
650 4 _aControle de Gestão
650 4 _aAdministração Federal
650 4 _aReforma Administrativa
650 4 _912662
_a Burocracia
650 4 _aEstados Unidos
700 1 _914943
_aGarvey, Gerald
700 1 _914205
_aKettl, Donald F.
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