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245 0 0 _aInnovation in emerging markets /
_cEditor, Jerry Haar, Ricardo Ernst. --
260 _aHampshire, New York:
_bPalgrave Macmillan,
300 _axxiii, 307 p.
_c23 cm.
490 0 _a(International Political Economy Series)
504 _aInclui índice
505 _t1. Introduction - Jerry Haar, Ricardo Ernst
_t2. Releasing trapped value: the coming challenge of innovation in the context of emerging markets - Bhaskar Chakravorti, Graham Macmillian, Tony Siesfeld
_t3. Innovation in emerging markets: Asia - Rebecca A. Fannin
_t4. Innovation in emerging markets: the case of latin america - Lourdes Casanova, Jeff Dayton-Johnson, Nils Olaya Fonstad, Sukriti Jain
_t5. Entrepreneurship and innovation in the middle east: current challenges and recommended policies - Norean R. Sharpe, Christopher M. Schroeder
_t6. Innovation in central europe - Marina Dabic, Jadranka Svarc, Emira Becic
_t7. Innovation in Africa: a view from the peaks and hilltops of a spiky continent - David Wernick
_t8. Reverse innovation in emerging markets - Vijay Govindarajan, Ravi Ramamurti
_t9. Social enterprise and innovation in emerging markets - Leslie R. Crutchfield, Kyle Peterson
_t10. Social media and innovation - Michael Shoag, Tory Colvin
_t11. Innovation in Financiasl Services - Krzysztof Rybinski
_t12. Education 3.0: facing the challenge of human capital building in emerging economies - Gabriel Sanchez Zinny
_t13. Health-care innovation in emerging markets - Françoise Simon
_t14. Catch-up innovation and shared prosperity - Mark A. Dutz
_t15. Inclusive innovation: harnessing creativity to enhance the economic opportunities and welfare of the poor - Carl Dahlman, Esperanza Lasagabaster, Kurt Larsen
_t16. Conclusion - Ricardo Ernst, Jerry Haar
650 0 _aInovações tecnológicas
_xaspectos econômicos
_z(subd. geog.)
650 0 _aInovação
_zpaíses em emergentes
650 0 _aDesenvolvimento Econômico
_zpaíses emergentes
700 1 _aHaar, Jerry,
700 1 _aErnst, Ricardo,
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