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Farnham, David

Developing and implementing competence based recruitment and selecton in a social services department - a case study of West Sussx Countil Council - 2000

This article reports and evaluates how a traditional approach to recruitment and selection in the Social Services Department of West Sussex County Council was superseded by a competency-based approach. The authors discuss the impacts of external and internal changes on the local authority and the need to develop less subjective and more effective methods of recruitment and selection, at all levls. After dscribing and reviewing existing practices, they outline the results of an internal research investigation involving managers and personnel and training specialists. The research participants acknowldged the limitations of the existing recruitment and selection practices and recognised the need for a more competence-based approach. This way clearly an important stage in the change process which the authors proceed to describe. Here, they highlight the key role of training and relationship-building between line managers and personnel specialists. Examples are provided of traditional and competence-based job descriptions, person specifications and forms of assessment. The authors conclude that the new system fits well into the department`s overall human resources strategy for improving workplace performance and reducing workplace conflict

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